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"You don't choose the Hameau only by chance... "

  • It's the ideal choice ...
  • for its 20 years of experience welcoming groups,
  • for the authenticity, beauty, peace and quiet of the site,
  • for its proximity to Montpellier ( - 30 min drive north - ) and its easy access,
  • for its infrastructure and its capacity to host 180 people,
  • for its fresh cuisine which is well-known in the area,
  • for its warm and friendly atmosphere


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  • Développement Personnel
  • At Etoile hamlet, classes and training courses are given about the techniques and methods to help you live better and find balance and harmony in your daily life [...]

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  • A "different" type of residential stay is what you can expect from Le Hameau de l’Etoile, a place where one focuses on the essential aspects of life through relaxation sessions, innovative activities, life poetry and self discovery workshops [...]

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  • For all your meetings : Events, Festival , symposium ... the hamlet offers the necessary spaces : 9 rooms, 200 accommodation , catering exclusively dedicated to your desires [...]

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  • You are a company? A Research Center? An association? Willing to gather your partners, members or clients within a convivial place, provided with the necessary logistics to host and lead this event? [...]


ABout Us

Le Hameau de l’Étoile is located on an exceptional 20-hectare-site, by a river, where unspoilt Mother Nature rules.

Le Hameau de l’Étoile is located on an exceptional 20-hectare-site, by a river, where unspoilt Mother Nature rules. It is an entire 12th century hamlet, in a dominant position, which has been fully renovated in keeping with the area. It has a lovely 300 m² ooutdoor pool to relax in during the sunny months.

Seminar organisers and participants are welcome to use our nine 35 -220 m² function rooms each, with their own individual style – old stones, picture windows, vaults, etc.

Open, shaded patios and covered terraces provide shelters to enjoy your meals and the endless views. There are 42 rooms available

In the summer, nature lovers can stay in the “cabanons” (huts) scattered under the oak trees.

We Would Love to Welcome You !

Témoignage Sonore

Back from the Hameau de l’Etoile, Pierre-Etienne Bourget gives us his impressions...

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