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Intensive YOGA

Intensive YOGA Shiva Réa
Ce stage à EXPIRÉ

du Samedi 15 septembre 2012
au Vendredi 21 septembre 2012

Organisé par : Yogacampus
Animé(s) par : Shiva Réa

INTENSIVE Chakra Vinyasa 2: Living Energy Flow
with Shiva Rea 

Shiva Rea demonstrates Virabhadrasana A Prana Flow Advanced Vinyasa Retreat in the South of France

Experience an accessible and integrative approach to the chakra system for aspiring and experienced teachers and yoga practitioners.

During our week, we will develop an transformative approach to the body mandala – the divine container of our interconnectedness within our Self, experiences, relationships and nature.

Our retreat will be devoted to traditional practices, innovative explorations, inward reflection, dynamic morning vinyasa sadhana and integrating specific and creative tools for transformative teaching and living of yoga. Learn yoga in a retreat environment in a mecca for nature in the beautiful south of France.

We will explore: Body-Mandala Chakra assessment for knowing how energetically to balance and enhance the flow of the one’s life-energy Four essential elemental-chakra based vinyasa sequences that integrate an energetic approach to asana, pranayama, mudra, chanting and movement meditation for balance and enhancing the chakras. Learning to teach Chakra Namaskar and four sun salutations or namaskars dedicated to the elements and chakras Practical access to the Tantric subtle body – awakening the nadis (energy channels), the seven primary chakras, the five elements, and the movements of prana. Includes Nadi Prana Flow Massage as self-massage and activation before asana practice Western science of the electromagnetic field of the body with a focus on the heart chakra.

Integration of chanting in vinyasa to awaken the “song of the body”.

Chakra-based meditations from source text to integrate into daily life. Creative early morning practices will give experiential grounding to the morning and afternoon tuition sessions, with a long break after lunch for swimming, hiking, exploring, rejuvenation and study.


Please download the brochure below that gives more detailed information about the retreat, including accommodation options at Le Hameau de l’Etoile.

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