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Formation Chamanique

Formation Chamanique Patricia White Buffalo
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du Mercredi 31 janvier 2018
au Dimanche 4 février 2018

Organisé par : Be Heaven On Earth
Animé(s) par : Patricia White Buffalo


" I am very excited to offer my Shamanic Training and Personal Transformational Program "WALKING THE SHAMAN"S PATH" at Le Hameau de l'Etoile .

This program is a unique, extensive, training and transformational program that includes all the basic teachings of the shamanic practice, but more importantly, A POWERFUL LIFE TRANSFORMATIONAL EXPERIENCE. With holding the basic belief that, “No one can take another where they have not walked themselves,” you will be trained as a Shamanic Practitioner who has walked their own personal path of self-healing. You will develop mastery of the shamanic journey and communication in the shamanic realm.

Learn several core shamanic techniques, as well as advanced techniques that I have created. Also included in the training is the basic art of laying-on of hands that I have blended with Shamanism.

Your training will include work with individuals, humanity, and the planet. Some of the techniques you will learn are: Trance Dance, Soul Retrieval, Extraction, Shamanic Sound Healing, Past-life and Ancestral Healing.

Come and experience the magical powers of the Shamanic World! "


contact in France : Anne Lajara Le Galloudec

Patricia White Buffalo BS A shamanic practitioner, teacher, therapist & musician. She plays the Native American drum & flute to induce trance & somatic states for healing & transformation. She combines shamanism with her professional training. Trained in Hands-on Healing & Transpersonal Psychology with the Barbara Brennan School of Healing. She’s also a graduate of The Center for Intentional Living training in Early Childhood Development, & The Core Energetic Institute specializing in body-psycho-therapy. In addition, she brings to her work her devotional practice as a member of Siddha Yoga. Patricia’s 20

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